Last Jaguar X350 Rolls Off Production Line

Last of the Jaguar XJ X350 models

This is a picture of the very last X350 (factory code name for the current generation XJ model) rolling off the production line at Castle Bromwich back in March.

This last ever car is being donated by Jaguar to Coventrys Museum of Road Transport, which already has a fine collection of Jaguar models, due to the heritage of the Browns Lane site.

Richard Else, Director of Production Operations at Jaguar Castle Bromwich said: "As we bid farewell to a classic era of Jaguar design, we are swiftly moving forward with our plans to pave the way for the next generation of Jaguar saloon to be built here in the West Midlands."

"Today is a significant day in Jaguar's history," he continued.. "Not only are we bidding farewell to a great British icon in the current XJ, but we are heralding another new era in Jaguar design and technology, confirming that its replacement is going to be built right here at Castle Bromwich."

Confirming that the replacement all aluminium XJ model will be built at the Castle Bromwich plant.

The New XJ, codename X351 has had a teaser shot published - which we have shown you already in a previous post, and is due to be revealed to the motoring press in July, with its first public outing at the Frnkfurt motorshow in September 2009.